Field of Powder (7453/2), film still, photographed by the artist from 16mm film projection, color photography, 1993

Rotwand Gallery

Rotwand was founded in October 2007 and is headed by Sabina Kohler and Bettina Meier-Bickel.

The gallery describes its program as follows:

«The gallery presents artistic approaches that bring together social and existential questions, structural problems with psychological abysses, investigations of art with those of everyday life, perception, and functioning. Conceptual, expressive, and poetic strategies complement and strengthen one another.

Along with showing predominantly younger artists from Switzerland, Rotwand also presents international positions for the first time in Zurich. Through direct and ongoing collaboration with the artists, through a diverse program of exhibitions as well as international art fair participations, Rotwand aims to be an active contributor to the contemporary art discourse.

Having represented Klaus Lutz for several years, the gallery is pleased to have an artist in its program whose unique oeuvre has a timeless resonance that continues to fascinate viewers today. Working in close cooperation with the association dedicated to preserving Klaus Lutz’s work, it is our common goal to promote the work of this highly complex artist beyond his death and facilitate the international recognition that he deserves.»