Contact sheet with film stills from Mach, photographed by the artist from 16 mm film projection, color photography, undated


After the death of the artist a number of his friends founded the Association for the Preservation of the Works of Klaus Lutz (Verein für die Erhaltung des Werks von Klaus Lutz). This non-profit organization is dedicated to administering and main­taining Lutz’ artistic legacy and making his work known to a broader public. Membership is open to anyone interested in Lutz’ work.

The association has also established a Klaus Lutz Archive, which contains a major portion of his artistic estate. We are pleased that Kinemathek Le Bon Film Basel has agreed to act as a partner for the storage of the films.


50.- regular membership / 100.- supporter membership
PC: 85-446216-6


Hannes Schüpbach, Eva Caflisch, Sarah Bislin, Frank Matter (President)


Verein für die Erhaltung des Werks von Klaus Lutz
c/o Edition VfO
Verena Conzett-Strasse 7
CH-8004 Zürich



Frank Matter
c/o soap factory GmbH
4019 Basel