Film still from Acrobatics, 16mm color, silent, 21½ or 16 min., 1996

Film Library / Kinemathek LBF

The films in the Klaus Lutz’ estate are being professionally stored in a climate-controlled room in the film library of the Kinemathek Le Bon Film. A original positive exists for all of his known films, sometimes in multiple versions; the archive also contains a number of exhibition prints (copies) made during the artist’s lifetime. The Association for the Preservation of the Works of Klaus Lutz has begun to make internegatives of his most significant works and additional prints for exhibition. Lutz’ films have also been fully digitized for viewing and research purposes.

The Kinemathek Le Bon Film was founded in the spring of 2008 in Basel and went into operation on September 1, 2009. In addition to the works of Klaus Lutz, the collection includes circa 500 35mm copies of international classics, key works of European filmmaking, from Hollywood and South America. A focal point of the collection is German film production from 1929 to the present.


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